A platform

SecuTix platform is a set of tools and processes allowing to integrate the SecuTix ticketing engine into a more global IT ecosystem.

to integrate SecuTix into an IT ecosystem

SecuTix may integrate with the specific ecosystem of its clients. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Their public website
  • Their access control system
  • Their CRM
  • Their accounting system
  • Their BI

and with a wide range of

But the platform also opens the possibility to integrate with SecuTix wide ecosystem of partners.

Technical endpoints and tools

The goal of this documentation is to provide a basic understanding of the available tools to all stakeholders concerned by the integration of SecuTix ticketing engine.

Tool Description
Backend APIs Endpoints to access a full featured set of backend services
Frontend APIs Direct access to pages and functionnalities in SecuTix Frontend ticketshop
Webhooks Provide SecuTix with your webhooks URLs to be notified when orders or contacts are updated
Datamart DB access through VPN to a set of reports
Plugins Create your own hook to connect to an exrternal system during SecuTix backend processes