Datamart API

This document describes the datamart API of S-360 360.

Datamart API Usage

Datamarts are fully refreshed once a week. The datamarts are unavailable during this full refresh.

It is NOT recommended to use datamart for business critical applications / integrations

Technical Setup via a Datamart DB

  • S-360 provides a direct SQL*Net database connection (over SSL) to an Oracle DB (needs to use an Oracle driver)
  • This DB only contains data from one institution.
  • Data exposed in this datamart can either be extracted (incrementally) and ingested into the BI tool or directly queried as this database is totally isolated from the ticketing database (=no possible performance impact).
    NB: this DB server has dedicated 2 cores and 8G RAM

Datamart Image

Data inside this Datamart

In English, please follow this link: BI and reporting domains
In French, please follow this link: Documentation des données de la BI et des rapports opérationnels


Legacy Datamart API based on an oracle DB is not supported any more and will be shut down end of 2018.