Website integration

Our platform endpoint and tools can be leveraged to allow the integration of S-360 in your institutional website.

Linking website pages to ticketshop pages

  • S-360 offers a set of redirect links to point the institutional website pages to ticketshop pages.
  • Standardized cookies allow you to identify user and display content of current basket.

Displaying information extracted for S-360 catalog and availabilities

  • Use catalog backend API to extract full catalog data and display product descriptions in the website. Product names, dates, tariffs, prices, sales periods... The catalog API being costly to call and subject to rate limits it is important to establish a caching strategy. See the catalog backend API page for more details.

  • Use the availabilities API to get accurate availabilities information. (green: tickets available, yellow: a few tickets remaining, red: sold out). The availabilities service allow you to retrieve data by seat category, by area or block, by performance or timeslot. The information retrieved must be cached on the caller side. See the availabilities API page for more details.