There are two different cookies used in S-360 systems:

The contact cookie behavior is explained in this article

To decrypt this cookie, you can check how to decrypt contact cookie

Cart summary

For every modification in the shopping cart made in the purchasing channel, the ticket shop writes the amount of items and the total sum in a domain cookie that is readable by the website if it is deployed in the same domain.

A domain cookie is applied on the complete domain, and so the cookie set by the ticket shop will be readable from

In order to compact the HTTP headers, only one cookie will be used, separating the values with a pipe ( | ).

Protocol COOKIE
Domain or the client's
Key Name Contents Description
stx_cartSummary_<organisation_code>_<channel_code> qty|amount|currency|expiration|orderId Qty: number of articles in the cart
Amount: total sum of the cart expressed in the purchasing currency, with a point ( . ) as decimal separator and no thousands separator.
currency: currency code with the ISO-4217 format
expiration: date when th current cart will be automatically abandonned
orderId: technical identifier of this order