Flat file exports

General description

S-360 offers an internal batch mechanism allowing to operator to schedule the execution of Data Export Queries. Follow the link on data export queries to learn about the creation and limitations of those queries.

The result of those queries is stored in the flat text file and can be sent to a recipient using the protocols described below.


Possibility to choose:

  • File naming
  • File encoding
  • Field separator character
  • End of line character
  • Frequency of execution

The queries are generally written in order to allow delta exports (only the newest data are put into a file if another previous export ended with a success).

Data transmission protocols

The files can be shared using the following protocols.

  • SFTP
  • AWS S3 bucket
  • POST of file's content on http endpoint. (please contact us if you are interested in this option)
  • Email

Neither FTP nor FTPS protocols can be used to exchanged those data.