Data Export Webhook


This webhook interface is linked to a specific Data Export Query.

The query Q is executed every M minutes. For each new line produced by the query, the webhook is called.

SecuTix does POST the line of the query in the form of a JSON object, which parameters are named according to the columns of the query result.

Url and http method

Designing the url

The callee must provide an URL.

Any POST URL can be used in this webhook.

Http method

The URL will be called using POST method. The output of the Data Export Query Q. The URL can be called one line at a time, or with arrays of N JSON objects.

Setup in backend

  1. Ask for a proxy opening for the destination URL.
  2. In organization/tools/external interfaces create a new interface of type Export/Webhook
  3. Paste the url in the Url field
  4. Enter the name of the query to use in the query fields.
  5. Enter N into the Bucket size field. (default value: 1)
  6. Save
  7. In the schedule menu, create a new schedule with a fre quency fitting your needs and batch size of 60 (recommanded default value).