How to set up an SSO connection to S-360

Here are the instructions to set up an SSO connection to S-360.

Ask the future SSO client to provide you with :

  • An X509 certificate used to sign the SAML request. This certificate can be auto-signed. It may be a certificate used specifically for that purpose. You can use the following site to validate it :
  • Login url of the caller website
  • Logout URL of the caller website.

Then, you'll have to choose the IssuerId of the SSO interface. It has to be a short string. I recommand : SsoMyCompany if MyCompany is the company doing the implementation of the SSO integration.

With all those information, you are able to do the SSO Setup in S-360 screens.

Go to :

  • Organization context
  • Initialization menu
  • Sales Channel screen.
  • Select the Sales channel on which you want to SSO and click on point of sales
  • Select the Point of sales on which you want to SSO and click on social network
  • Create a new social network connection of kind S-360 (and not "S-360 Service Provider. You must read SECUTIX_IDP at the top of the window, see screen capture below)
  • Fill the screen with the following data:
    1. Name of the connection - choose freely
    2. Code of the connection - choose freely a 8 characters value.
    3. Application id : paste here the IssuerId
    4. Hidden application : paste here the X509 certificate without the --BEGIN CERTIFICATE-- header and footer.
    5. Login url : paste the login url
    6. Logout url : paste the logout url.
  • Save and quit
  • Do not forget to activate the connection.

Beware : modifications on this setup may take up to 10 minutes to be applied, due to caching.

SSO Setup