Integration with a cancellation insurance provider


This is a technical generic how-to, displaying technical options for a Cancellation insurance integration.

We will suppose in the following lines, that an institution wants to achieve an integration between S-360 and an external insurance provider system, called GlobalIns (fake name).

We expect this integration to provide those the following features:

Allow a contact to purchase a cancellation insurance product online at the end of the purchase process

The amount of the insurance premium being computed according to the content of the basket.

Notify the GlobalIns about the premium paid by the contact

The data about the purchaser, the event covered and the amount of the premium must be transmitted to GlobalIns in order for GlobalIns to be able to invoice the instution using S-360.

Allowing a contact to purchase a cancellation insurance product

The process allowing to buy an insurance product along with the tickets is integrated in S-360 online shop.

Display in purchase funnel

S-360 does not offer the possibility to dynamically call an external provider to compute the amount of the insurance's premium, but allows to set a amount for the premium depending of the amount of the basket.

Setup possibilities

Notify the GlobalIns about the premium paid by the contact

This is done through an asynchronous process that S-360 can run every X minutes/hours/days.

S-360 offers many possibilities to push structured data to an external system.

GlobalIns must indicate the data format expected (which fields, which formats).

S-360 offers many possibilities to extract data from its system.

Solution Description Technologies Pros Cons
Flat file export The exact data needed by the insurance provider are extracted incrementally from S-360 using a Data Export Query. Then a flat file is produced and pushed to a external repository. This export can be produced up to one time per minute. Flat file (CSV, TSV, TXT...), SFTP or S3 for the repository The exact data needed can be exported. Needs file parsing and specific integration on GlobalIns side
Data Export plugin S-360 executes an internal query and, from the results, calls any endpoint provided by the partner. Any webservice technology that can be called from S-360 S-360 executes exactly the processes defined by the Data Analytics system. A specific development (plugin) must be delivered by S-360. This development can also be executed by an external company, but S-360 is involved in validating the final result before the plugin is deployed.
Data export webhook S-360 executes a Data Export Query and, from the results pushes a JSON object which field names are the columns of the query. See global documentation here https The Data Export Query must be developed by S-360 Service Team, then the deployment is very fast. The GlobalIns system needs to create a specific endpoint and process the payload.