Quick reference

API Type Latest version Test account Know how (s)
AvailabilitiesService SOAP and REST 1.33 available 

Availability methods

Availability service is quite simple. It proposes 4 main methods, adapted for the different product kinds:

  • getProductAvailability : for general use (passes, timeslot passes, visit passes, simple products, etc.).
  • getEventAvailability : for dated events.
  • getPerformanceAvailability : for a given performance or set of performances.
  • getSeatsAvailability : to get the detail of a group of seats (for final seat attribution) All those methods should be called hourly, but can be used more frequently, with a limit of 1 call/minute.

The method getUpdatedAvailabilities can help to limit the calls to specific products only.

This API is exposing up to date data, to be cached on the caller side, to avoid to struggle with the API rate limits.

SecuTix recommendation is to call this endpoint up to once every minute maximum, using getUpdatedAvailabilities method to detect the availabilities which did effectively change. Please take contact with us if you think that you need more frequent data updates.

Note: the order service does check the availabilities when creating an order, so there is no risk to oversell, even if the calling system does not have fully up to date data. The method createOrUpdateOrder will return the following error code:error.order.availability if there are no tickets available.