Ticket distribution integration

S-360 offers a whole set of APIs allowing a ticket distribution company to access its catalog and availabilities, allowing to sell any of the products available.

This kind of integration has already been realized by many distributors in the ticketing field.

Sales channel

A reseller gets its own dedicated sales channel on which S-360 operators can put a selection of products, services and seats on sales.

Creating orders

Using the sales backend APIs, resellers can create orders and generate tickets, either using S-360 PDF tickets, either building their own template, with agreement of S-360' clients.

Beware that S-360 offers different families of products. Ordre creation is slightly different according to the product family (visit passes for musuems, for example, do not have the same structure than performances on events).

Depending on the business needs, a ticket distribution company may want to only be able to sell a subset of those product families.

  • Simple products (Open passes)
  • Visit passes (Like museum entrances example here
  • Events (Like theatre, football matches or music shows example here
  • Complex products (Like season tickets) example here


Payments are handled by the ticket distribution company and counted as pending account payments in S-360.


The reseller can (but is not forced to) create contacts using Contacts API to be associated to the tickets, using method setMovementContactData.

PDF tickets

The ticket distributor can (but is not forced to) use the PDF tickets generated by S-360. It is also possible to build the ticket directly from the data (barcode) provided by the APIs.

Main endpoints

Goal Documentation
Get the catalog of sellable products, to be cached on the reseller's side Catalog API
Get the availabilities of those products, to be cached also Availabilities API
Creating and finalizing orders Sales API
Creating or updating contacts Contact API

Full examples of sequences of calls to create orders for resellers

Exemples of calls to create orders using APIs