Sales services

Quick reference

API Type Latest version Test account Know how (s)
SOAP and REST 1.33 available How to's
SeatingService SOAP and REST 1.0 available

This set of documents describes S-360 public sales API. These interfaces allow to:

  • Access the catalog linked to a sales channel. See Catalog API.
  • Read the availabilities of the products of this catalog. See availabilities API.
  • Create and refund orders.
  • Create payments.
  • Access order history.
  • Assign or unassign seats to operations

Technical notes

  • All methods exposed in these document are transactional. This means that if an error occurs, none of the actions have been completed.
  • The contingent is shown in the entire documentation for internal use and it is possible to pass it as a parameter to some methods, but unless necessity arises, only value "null" should be passed.

S-360 standard for web-services

Please refer to that document.

Unless otherwise specified, all those methods are transactionnal and idempotent.

Non Functional consideration

Remember call rate limitation explained in API Terms and Conditions.

Error codes

Error codes are referenced here