How to remove a movement from an open order

The example below explains how to remove a movement from an open order using REST calls.

Reference data

You must have them under hand before to begin.

Username : PLAY_B2C
Password : P@ssw0rd
Contact : 2258
pointOfSalesId : 101053522324

Postman collection

Please download and import the postman collection to be able to reproduce de example: Collection - Remove movement from open order

Steps to follow


Just execute to get the token for next steps.

Create the order

Create an example order with two movements. For next step, we will need the "orderId" and one of the "movementId" that appear in the result of this call.

Remove movement

Using the "orderId" and the "movementId" from the previous step, we will be able to remove the specif movement from the open order.

Check the order

Using the "orderId" from the "Create order" step, we will get the order details to check if the movement has been removed correctly from the order.