API terms and conditions


When a version is made available in Production, S-360 garantees its availability without any change during 12 months.

S-360 will also publish on this website (either in each major release release notes or directly in every API description) when an API version becomes "deprecated" (=a new one exists) and when an API version becomes "End-Of-Life" (=it may be removed in next major release = at least 3 months after)

Non Fonctional

S-360 public APIs have a usage rate limit.

Please check this page: API rate limits


S-360 provides without any garantee nor SLA some public sandboxes for 3rd parties to discover S-360 APIs.

3rd Parties acknowledge they will NOT perform load/stress tests nor security penetration tests on this sandboxes (nor on anyother S-360 environement) without warning S-360 at least 10 business days in advance.