API terms and conditions


When a version is made available in Production, SecuTix garantees its availability without any change during 12 months.

SecuTix will also publish on this website (either in each major release release notes or directly in every API description) when an API version becomes "deprecated" (=a new one exists) and when an API version becomes "End-Of-Life" (=it may be removed in next major release = at least 3 months after)

Non Fonctional

As stated in SecuTix Standard for Web Services, there is a limit on the number of calls per minute on all APIs (SOAP+ REST+ redirection, including SSO) for a given institution. Default value is 60 calls per minute per institution per endpoint.

If this threshold is exceeded, SOAP calls will return an HTTP 509 and calls originated from contatct's browser (eg, SSO or redirection) will be redirected to Peak Protect waiting room then dequeued automatically, meaning, the contact will have to wait a bit before accessing asked resource.


SecuTix provides without any garantee nor SLA some public sandboxes for 3rd parties to discover SecuTix APIs.

3rd Parties acknowledge they will NOT perform load/stress tests nor security penetration tests on this sandboxes (nor on anyother SecuTix environement) without warning SecuTix at least 10 business days in advance.